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Condoms are a barrier method of contraception because they act as a barrier to stop sperm from entering the vagina; by doing this they protect against unwanted pregnancy and from STIs.

Condoms can also be used for oral and anal sex to protect both partners from STIs.

Young men and women can get free condoms from:

Men and women of all ages can get free condoms from:

Free condoms are widely and easily available, but if you do need to buy some you'll find them in supermarkets, pharmacies, lots of convenience stores and petrol stations, and from vending machines in most pubs and clubs. Always check that they have the kite or CE mark which is a guarantee that they are good quality and also check the ‘use by date'.

Using both a condom and another method of contraception is known as Double Dutch and this is much more effective than just using a condom.

To find our more about condoms have a look at our top tips for condom use

Free condoms and lubricants are also available from other organisations. The Lesbian and Gay Foundation provide free condoms and lubricants for gay and bisexual men. BHA for Equality and George House Trust also provide free condoms and lubricants for people attending their services.

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